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A Texas border county was doing awesome. Then Gov. Greg Abbott ordered everything open. (NBC)

Yonkers judge Hal Greenwald blocks publication of Mary Trump's book about "my uncle's a dick." This is, if you've ever taken a First Amendment class, extremely WHAT? (Courthouse News / prior restraint order)

Well that there looks like a man who JES MIGHT shoot you four times with a rifle if you take down one of his multiple Nazi flags. (GlobalNews)

A Biden victory or a landslide? I'm betting landslide. (Disregard the third item, which is seemingly there to remind you, if you needed it, that the Never Trumpers are only our friends in this one thing and are not to be trusted as far as they can be thrown, which is not far as they tend to stoutishness.) — The Bulwark

Yes Trump knows he's losing. (Politico)

It's true. These men have no dicks brains.

You should have seen how providing these things served your interests, you imbeciles! How a more economically secure working and middle class would be less likely to question the legitimacy of the system! How living in a society where people are happier because they aren't beset on all sides by financial and physical insecurity would be more pleasant for you, too! But most of all, how unbelievably, brain-meltingly stupid it would be to actually burn down a system constructed by rich white guys for rich white guys – just because you can't stand being told what's good for you by a confident, competent, superior Black man.

But you couldn't see that, because you were too greedy, too racist, and – most of all – too stupid. So instead, you declared open war. You obstructed. You "investigated." You lied – about his policies, about your intentions, about his religion and national origin. You vilified the man who came to save you from yourselves, thwarted his reasonable agenda, blocked his qualified judicial picks, mocked and slandered him for actualizing the very promise of America: that anyone can rise to the top based on talent, initiative, and the content of their character. Then, just to drive the point home, you replaced him with the most grotesque caricature of rich white entitled male supremacy imaginable, a man you knew to be an idiot, an incompetent, a degenerate, a xenophobe, a racist, a con man and a criminal. That's who you made Barack Obama shake hands with as he departed the White House -- and he still managed to do it with dignity.

The Unfathomable Stupidity of Rich White Men, Daily Kos

Joe Biden Tells Donors He's Going to Jack Up Their Taxes. Including but not limited to: repealing the 2017 Tax Cut for Rich Fuckwads, taxing capital gains as income, and, in his actually ambitious plan, "reducing the after-tax incomes of the top 0.1 percent by 23 percent in its first year, according to the Tax Policy Center." That ... that seems like those poor billionaires would lose even more than Liz Warren's two cents on every dollar over fifty million dollars wealth tax! HOW WILL THEY LIVE???? (Slate)

And here's a nice! Joe Biden Sounds So Presidential That You People Will Be Thrilled. — Michael Tomasky at Daily Beast

Barbara Lee for veep? What a good idea! — Washington Post

Chuck and Nancy would like Mitch McConnell to please please PLEASE actually look at doing some more coronavirus aid. Fuckin' PLEASE. He'd prefer not to. (Washington Post)

As was the case in the census litigation, and the DACA litigation, the outcome here is correct, but one can easily reverse-engineer the chief justice's opinion to say, "Come back to me with the right road map and I'm all yours," and in fact, he actually grabs your pencil, flips over the napkin, and sketches the map out at no extra cost. — Dahlia Lithwick in Slate

Ummmm, fuck you Denver lady principal. (Chalkbeat)

Baseball person Ian Desmond has a lot to say.

In the room with Trump for Charlottesville's "very fine people" rant. What a grotesque. — Jon Karl, The Atlantic

Donald Trump Is a Nazi. Full Stop. — Old tab, Drew Magary at Medium

How Trump let the insurance companies scam you. (Vox)

Some pretty marvelous baby Black princesses. — CSKids, via Buzzfeed

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