David Diaperman Vitter is, of course, a repulsive scumbag who pays hookers to change his poopy diapers and then goes to the Senate to screech wingnut inanities.The Politico, on the other hand, is exactly the same thing, but available as a website or handout. And so it is that the Politico breathlessly reports not on David Vitter being a disgusting sex criminal, but on David Vitter being an asshole to people in the Russell Senate Building coffee shop.

After diaper-pooping and Senate buffoonery, nothing makes David Vitter happier than barging through some line or yelling at people who work at the airport or stomping over a bunch of "little people" waiting to get a cup of coffee. This last thing, that is what he did at the "Cups coffee shop," in the "basement of the Russell Senate Office Building." Oh noes can you believe it, he just cut the line and the employee made him a cup of coffee. Here is what the Politico source said about this evil motherfucker:

"I was like, 'What?'" said POLITICO's incredulous spy. "But you couldn't say anything. I mean, he's a Senator."

Ha, right, idiot. You can't say anything about a Senator! Not in this country! [Politico]


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