Which 'Prominent Republican' Lives Gayly With An Illegal Mexican?


Wonkette's palPrincess Sparkle Pony was reading some boring Washington Post feature about immigration and homosexuality when he noticed a NEWS SCOOP (or just common knowledge that rarely finds its way into the establishment Washington press) about a leading Republican here in the nation's capital who lives with his secret Latino lover. And everybody knows LatinO + GOP = 2 men sharing their love.

Here's the IED dropped in the middle of this dull WaPo thing:

Another Washington gay couple, who requested that their names not be published because the foreign partner is a Latino man currently living in the country under false pretenses and the American partner is a prominent Republican whose identity could easily lead authorities to the other man, said gays and lesbians fall in love in the same unpredictable way as straight people. Sometimes, the object of that love happens to be a foreigner.

We are well aware that gays, lesbians and heterosexuals all fall in love in the same stupid ways, but Republican leaders? We thought they only "fell in love" the way Priests do, or by simply buying love, off Rentboys. [Princess Sparkle Pony]


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