Whiny Pennsylvanians Getting What They Deserve

Pennsylvania voters were SO angry in January, because their loser state's primary wouldn't happen until April 22, which would obviously be months after the whole Democratic Nominee business would be settled and old news and it's all just proof of how the rest of the Elite Nation hates Pennsylvanians, who are so dumb and bitter with their "god" and shotguns and sofa on the porch of the double-wide. Let's look back with laughter, after the jump.

  • "Give Pennsylvania a voice, don't let us just get to pick from the leftovers."
  • "Candidates are starting to dropout of the race already. How does it make sense that our state gets no initial say? It would make the most sense to have all primary elections on the same day."
  • "the electoral college is complete shit. its time for one man - one vote"
  • "I agree with previous posters. The primaries should be held on the same day, nation-wide, just like the presidential vote. We should also get rid of the electoral college, and implement instant runoff voting."
  • "...but start teaching people American history. IMO, very few people actually know American history so they're doomed to make the same mistakes that our country has already gone through. Just say no to MOB RULE!"
  • "^^ I totally forgot about instant runoff voting. Yeah, we should do that."
  • "Jesus H. Christ people, ONE PERSON ONE VOTE?!?!? How god damn dumb are you? We are a Democratic Republic NOT a full and true democracy and it was INTENDED that way! If anything, it would increase special interest political groups, who would try and push their views on others through get out the vote efforts. In a true one man, one vote, democracy majority rules. Therefore the group with the most money to back their political agenda would drive the voter turnout effort and subvert the process. Just because you, and most Americans, don't understand the electoral college doesn't mean we should get rid of it."
  • "Is it really necessary to berate and insult people to make your point or express your opinion? While it may not be the same opinion as yours, at least people are taking enough of an interest to express an opinion. Comments like yours are a great way to discourage people from ever coming back to this site again. In order to be respected, you have to give respect. Try it sometime....."
  • "We need our primary on Super Tuesday. Why is every state ahead of PA in moving their dates up? Why are we last in everything?"

Ha ha, losers.

2008 Pennsylvania Primary Election Set for April 22nd [Keystone Politics]


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