White House Absolutely Loved Shirley Sherrod Firing, Documents Show

White House Absolutely Loved Shirley Sherrod Firing, Documents Show

Good at e-mailing, at least! He is competent enough to do that!Internal e-mails concerning the firing of Shirley Sherrod have been released to media organizations that requested them, and it turns out the USDA and White House acted pretty much like everyone thought they had! "Just wanted you to know that this dismissal came up at our morning senior staff meeting today," said the White House's Cabinet liaison, Christopher Lu, who is probably wishing he had a cool signature that would impress everyone reading his now-infamous e-mails. "Everyone complimented USDA on how quickly you took this action." We hope the Obama administration let the USDA pick out a sticker for doing such a good job firing that innocent lady! Also interesting: the USDA took note of what your Wonkette said about the Sherrod video, but failed to take our position that the video was not actually a big deal and was just Breitbart race-baiting. Whoops!

Here's another "amusing" thing: Shirley Sherrod tried to tell USDA officials they would see just how very innocuous the video was if they looked at the context. Only after she went on teevee telling people this did the USDA bother to ask itself if it had ever tried to find the full video or transcript. Whoops!

Here's an e-mail from USDA public affairs director Chris Mather:

Haha, yes, those are the main news sources: Fox, CNN, the AP, and Wonkette. But it's also funny how we were the only ones in that group that said this whole thing was dumb before they fired her! Remember that? Whoops!

The lesson everyone should learn from this is the federal government should listen at all times to a blog that primarily covers news about politicians' dildos. And right now we're saying the government should give everyone free popsicles. Get on that, Mather! [CNN/Salon/Scribd/LAT]


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