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White House press secretary Robert Gibbs apologized to Shirley Sherrod "on behalf of this entire administration" in his daily briefing, which Sherrod "watched live on CNN." Gibbs said Vilsack is "trying to reach her" to talk and apologize to her. Sherrod, like a true champ, said the administration has her phone number and knows how to get in touch. As of now, Tom Vilsack is still your Secretary of Agriculture and Shirley Sherrod has no job.

Gibbs here is trying to say that both the media and people in the administration acted too swiftly on this issue. "A lot of people made judgments without the facts." Yes, but we should not have to be the Obama administration's mom and tell it not to jump off bridges just because everyone is doing it. "Leader of the Free World." Act like it. Lead. You have the authority to send Andrew Breitbart to a secret prison and torture him. You can make him eat his own shit for once! Why not do that instead of cowering?!

Also, it has been reported that the White House is trying to distance Obama from this situation, so for that reason Obama himself will not call Sherrod to apologize, nor will he do anything like the "beer summit." Wow, really taking charge of what happened!

And of course, not everyone was wrong. Some people think it is best to use their brains first and not just get scared whenever they are attacked by a political opponent. You have to have the decency to at least look into the facts of the situation and not just immediately ruin somebody's career because the hype seems to be against you and she doesn't mean much to you or your own career.

At 7:16 in this video, you see Jake Tapper get pissed about this, rightly. "I actually asked the right questions." Yes, one of the amazing things about this is some people in the media actually went out and found Sherrod and the farmer in question to see what really happened. Some of them actually did their jobs! And this is one of the reasons why the administration looks so bad here: They don't even have the basic skills of Rick Sanchez, who is really sort of a hero for giving this poor woman a voice after she was cast aside by the administration because it was the easy thing to do and because she had little to no power they had to take into consideration.

"Teachable moment" lesson? Do your job. Don't be a coward. And next time Breitbart says somebody in the administration accidentally hit "Like" on a Facebook photo of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad months ago, don't immediately fire that person. [YouTube/CNN/The Hill]


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