White House Becomes Nudist Colony Under New, 'Informal' President

White House Becomes Nudist Colony Under New, 'Informal' President

Barack Obama has no respect for the traditions of the presidency, which is why he doesn't always wear a jacket in the Oval Office. In other words, our old buttoned-up White House has become a thriving third-world Hawaiian slum where everybody wears floral muumuus and walks around with fat spliffs in their fists. George W. Bush is rolling in his grave.

You will recall that, under Bush, everybody had to be in jacket and tie at 6:45 AM, on Saturdays, because he was a prick. President Obama goes to work around 9 AM -- later than your Wonkette, for christ's sake! -- and sometimes he wears a SWEATER over his shirt instead of a proper tailcoat and jodhpurs.

If Mr. Obama’s clock is looser than Mr. Bush’s, so too are his sartorial standards. Over the weekend, Mr. Obama’s first in office, his aides did not quite know how to dress. Some showed up in jeans (another no-no under Mr. Bush), some in coats and ties.

So the president issued an informal edict for “business casual” on weekends — and set his own example. He showed up Saturday for a briefing with his chief economic adviser, Lawrence H. Summers, dressed in slacks and a gray sweater over a white buttoned-down shirt. Veterans of the Bush White House are shocked.

Barack Obama has brought shame upon our nation with his nutty free-wheeling "gray sweaters." Wasn't he supposed to institute chadors for all the ladies anyhow? Whatever happened to that plan?

White House Unbuttons Formal Dress Code [New York Times]


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