White House Correspondents Association Now Lies Just Like White House

The amazing Rich Little as Tricky Dick Nixon! - WonketteIn another desperate effort to become the awful thing they cover, White House Correspondents Association officials are now just lying for the hell of it. WHCA president Steve Scully now claims he didn't tell 1970s sensation Rich Little to take it easy on Bush. But then Scully says he did, but only in a coded way that was still just as clear. In other words, the WHCA will not repeat the mistakes of last year! The dinner will return to its stated mission: a reacharound bullshit festival where everyone at the White House and in the Washington press corps can spend a pleasant evening without pretending they're "adversaries."

Anyway, let's see what else Scully had to say about Rich Little, Stephen Colbert and how much he hopes this year's trade-show dinner doesn't become a YouTube sensation:

* "We never gave [Little] any guidelines."

* "We want to follow the policy of the Gridiron Dinner, which is 'singe, don't burn.'"

* "Stephen Colbert is very sophisticated and if you've not seen his show you may not get it."

* With Little, he added, "you don't have to explain his humor."

WHCA Chief Says He Did Not Tell Comedian to Back Off Bush and Iraq [Editor & Publisher]

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