Merritt Corrigan was once deputy White House liaison to the US Agency for International Development. Now, she's pursuing bigotry in the private sector. Corrigan was fired Monday after tweeting anti-gay, transphobic garbage. You could even say she was “cancelled" if you're the type of entitled, overgrown child who thinks you should never face any negative fallout for your gross words and deeds.

Corrigan peaced out yesterday in a self-indulgent tweetstorm. Bari Weiss would be proud.


A couple weeks ago, 20 Democratic representatives, led by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel, suggested to Corrigan's boss, acting USAID Administrator John Barsa, that she might be happier someplace else. The former Republican National Committee staffer had a big ol' crush on Russia, frequently retweeting propaganda outlet Russia Today and praising the country's leadership, which is technically speaking fucked up.

And she just wouldn't stop with the hateful on Twitter. She wrote that "our homo-empire couldn't tolerate even one commercial enterprise not in full submission to the tyrannical LGBT agenda." First place, we have a "homo-empire"? How is that even possible when boring old baseball is back before Broadway?

Here's another doozy: "Liberal democracy is little more than a front for the war being waged against us by those who fundamentally despise not only our way of life, but life itself." By this point, she should've ended all her tweets with “maniacal laugh."

Corrigan claimed the media was dragging her for her religious beliefs, which she believes are shared by the “majority of Americans." This is untrue but it's probably her variation of a no true Scotsman fallacy: No true American believes same-sex marriage is morally equivalent to heterosexual marriage. But data disagrees with her: A recent Gallup poll showed that 67 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage.

She's right that “men aren't women." That's self-evident. However, what she grossly means is that trans women aren't women, they're men, which they aren't. They're women.

I'm not sure “US-funded Tunisian LGBT soap operas" are a thing, and that's a damn shame. They sound awesome.

According to Politico, Corrigan wrote an op-ed in The Conservative that "called for women to assume traditional gender roles of mother, wife and homemaker." I don't normally give advice to rightwing fundamentalist creeps, but don't get too excited when a conservative woman pushes this regressive crap. "The Donna Reed Show" is stuck in a permanent loop in her head, but in the real world, she probably can't cook or clean for shit. Even conservative men need to learn to turn on a stove or run a vacuum or they're gonna starve in a dusty shithole.


Sorry, lady, but you can't tell someone's “sex or gender by looking at them." This isn't something they teach at reputable colleges. (She went on like this as if she were a common J.K. Rowling.)

Corrigan accused the USAID of “rampant anti-Christian sentiment" and announced that on Thursday at 1 p.m. she'll hold a press conference with Project 1599. That's the crackpot organization co-founded by Jacob Wohl, the genius who claimed that Senator Elizabeth Warren was banging a 24-year-old Marine bodybuilder sexworker.

Corrigan believes that Rep. Engel, who's leaving Congress in a few months, and Senator Bob Menendez have “engaged in a corrupt campaign" to remove her from USAID. Her delusions of grandeur aside, it seems more likely that Engel and Menendez simply read her Twitter feed and went “YIKES!"

She also accused Tim Kaine and Cory Booker of persecuting her because she's a Christian. Kaine is a devout Catholic, though I'm sure his political positions would make Corrigan go “no true Christian" on him. She described Cory Booker as a “radical anti-Christian leftist," and while I love the brother, Michael Landon's entire body of work is more “radical" than Booker.

Corrigan promised to “expose" the Democrats' corruption Thursday at her press conference. I'd watch but I think that's when Netflix drops all the episodes of US-Funded Tunisian LGBT Soap Opera.

[Politico / NBC News]

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