White House Flickr Account Attracting Typical Web Commenters

White House Flickr Account Attracting Typical Web Commenters

It's just plain great to have the official White House photographer putting stuff on Flickr all the time -- it is great for democracy, it is great for voyeurs, and it is especially great for independent websites lacking the budget for, say, an Associated Press membership. But, because Flickr is technically "part of the Internet," these noble images from the White House have a completely typical wasteland of comments beneath each picture. Why does the Internet hate anything nice?

Flickr is really one of the most elegant spots on the whole dirty web. And it attracts people who take photography seriously, even if it's just their family pictures or vacation shots or whatever. And many people actually pay money for Flickr Pro accounts, a simple action that rids a site of so many mouth-breathing cretins, who tend to either not have money or be completely unwilling to part with, say, $25 a year to pay for a website they use every day.

And yet .... look at the banal, inane comments under this nice picture of Afghanistan's president Karzai and Pakistan's president Zardari and Obama and a bunch of policy people.

  • "Not a single one of these humans KNOWS whats going on."
  • "knowing is one thing

    knowing what to do about it is another "

  • "well that just talk this whole thing out,

    bush is out, I came in to do the job.

    obama: to all of our old the allies that we push away, we are sorry.

    that is not us now. we just want to know 'what can we do to show that we want better relations and in turn we will tell you what we want for better relations'.

    (for old time sack (china, europe, russia, japan, cuba, middle east, india, latin america) ) "

  • "very importants persons!! "
  • "president Obama is sandwiched between two robbers... "
  • "I think he knows how to play with his hands. ;^) "
  • "hmmmmmmmmmmm "
  • "I enjoyed the use of hands 'here how I conned groups like Code Pink to vote for me then do the opposite of what I promised, you guys could learn from me' "

And then, the most sinister comment at all, from the "Arabic Joker" (see picture above) who may or may not be a terrible monster. Hmm, "GMC" is in America's alphabet. So maybe it's just General Motors threatening Obama.

Note to Pete Souza: Under your account's privacy settings, you can limit the 'tards by restricting comments to Your Contacts, or Your Friends & Family if you've got too many contacts. Please save this presidency by getting rid of idiot comments under your pretty pictures. The nation thanks you, etc.


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