white%20house.jpgAs promised, here's our quick postscript on our White House Hotties contest. We're going to close the loop on a few items and offer up some amusing addenda about the competition.

First, a special message to the reader who sent us this email, well after the polls closed: "Mi voto es por Paul Skoczylas." Sorry, but we didn't count your "voto." In addition to being three hours late, it was excluded by our "English only" rule.

Second, in response to our question about the hotness of Josh McCoy, Ben Wilmoth's unofficial campaign manager, we received a photograph of Josh. You can check it out after the jump.

Third, we received several additional pictures of the male hottie winner, David Copley. They also appear after the jump.

Finally, even though their candidate didn't win, we have to give a Wonkette salute to the supporters of Emily House. "Team Emily" came up with the most innovative and creative campaign by far. Check out their blog here, their new T-shirt design here, and their latest campaign video here:

Additional statements from Team Emily, as well as an earlier campaign video, appear after the jump.

We had fun with the White House Hotties contest -- and it seems like the Bushies did too. So check back soon, to learn about our next exciting hotties competition.

Here's the photo of Josh McCoy; you can judge for yourself whether he was unfairly passed over. We think that he compares favorably to several of the nominees. (But then again, what do we know? Fran Townsend came in dead last among the female hotties.)


And here are the additional photos of Dave Copley, your number one White House hottie.

david%20copley.jpgNo, this wasn't taken at Madame Tussauds.

david%20copley%203.jpgEveryone loves a man in uniform!

david%20copley%204.jpgAtop the rubble that was Al-Zarqawi's not-so-safe-house.

Here's the first campaign video crafted by Team Emily:

Finally, here's an official statement from a representative of Team Emily:

Wonkette - First of all, we would like to point out that from the beginning Team Emily has gone on the record saying we are big fans of Mary Anne and know she had nothing to do with the vicious attacks on Emily from her fringe supporters.

Team Emily had a busy weekend campaigning/pursuing cirrhosis in earnest in Georgetown and at the Courage Cup (because if there is anything Team Emily loves more than charity events, it's charity events that involve socially acceptable day drinking). Regrouping on Sunday, we opened the Texas Team Emily office where our professional media team (seriously) spent the weekend making a new t-shirt design (www.cafepress.com/teamemily) and also our first web ad (attached).

We have also assembled the Team Emily legal team that is ready to deploy and challenge the results if we feel there are irregularities. James A. Baker III is just a phone call away from coming up here to take command of the post election period.

Taylor Hughes won the contest by a sizable margin, so we believe that no legal challenge is warranted. But as for who should be viewed as the runner-up, ready to step in if Taylor is unable to fulfill her duties -- or if nude photos of her surface in Penthouse, a la Vanessa Williams -- there may be some dispute. After the polls closed, a mysterious extra vote for Mary Anne Calamas materialized. That vote turned a tie between House and Calamas into a one-vote victory for Mary Anne...

(We think it has something to do with the polling feature of Movable Type. This kind of problem has happened to us before.)

Earlier: Prior coverage of the White House Hotties contest (scroll down).


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