White House Hotties: Campaign Strategies, Voting Irregularities

white%20house.jpgSay what you will about the Bush Administration, but it can't be denied that they know how to run a smart campaign. This is becoming quite clear as our White House Hotties competition unfolds. (Vote here for hottest female, and here for hottest male.)

Fresh from saving her boss's ass -- she batted her eyes at Pat Fitzgerald, and he melted like Katherine Harris's concealer in the Florida sun -- Taylor Hughes broke away from the pack. The leggy Taylor developed an early lead, and it looked like she'd be impossible to catch. The women's race was shaping us as boring -- in contrast to the men's, which remains hotly contested.

But the latest tallies show Mary Anne Calamas and Emily House gaining fast. And House may be helped by a brilliant campaign -- which you can learn about after the jump.

Here's a report from a member of "Team Emily," which is coordinating her campaign:

After a "Team Emily" strategy session this afternoon, we suspect some voting irregularities. While we are fans of Mary Anne Calamas, who sits twenty feet away from Emily, we are highly suspicious of her high vote count. We think her archeologist boyfriend Ben -- who most likely nominated her -- has voted many times.*

Sure there may be some Hill interns assisting Team Emily, but not to that extent. Hopefully it won't come to this, but some of the team went to college in SC with Mary Anne and are prepared to go negative if necessary.

They haven't gone negative -- yet. But Team Emily does appear to be the first campaign to develop its own line of campaign sportswear. You can check it out here.

Mary Anne and Taylor, watch out: you're about to "Get Housed"!

*While we're on the subject of voting irregularities, a tipster from within the White House writes: "I caught Will Rue voting for himself over and over again." Busted!


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