White House Hotties: Nominations, Please

white%20house.jpgAfter all our admiration for White House hotties Frances Townsend and Meghan O'Sullivan, the next logical step would be to pit them against each other in a reader poll (a la Dustee vs. Stormie).

But then we received this email, from a White House source:

Fran has a great sense of humor and is very lovely. Meghan is very beautiful, with striking red hair. She's tall and carries herself gracefully, and she'd be worthy of the White House Hottie crown.

But there are still others out there worth checking out...

That last sentence piqued our interest -- so we've decided to have a "White House Hotties" contest. It's open to both men and women, who will compete in separate categories, but the nominees must work within the White House complex (no offsite Executive Branch officials).

Please submit nominations by email, subject line "White House Hotties," with as much of the following as you have: the nominee's name and job title; a photograph; and a brief testimonial (which we may quote from, on an anonymous basis, unless you indicate otherwise). Thanks!


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