white%20house.jpgAs we mentioned earlier today, the polls in our White House Hotties contest will remain open until 10 a.m. Eastern time, Monday morning. So even if you've already voted from your office computer, check in over the weekend, from your home machine, and vote again.

Cast your vote for female hottie here. Cast your vote for male hottie here.

This morning we delivered some testimonials about the women. Now, the testimonials about the men -- after the jump (or click here).

Here's what you had to say about these mouthwatering morsels of man-meat. One of you also had a general comment about the field: "If you remove all the gay male nominees, you winnow the field significantly."

1. Thomas Bowman. Assistant Staff Secretary of the White House.

"Thomas Bowman is not only wickedly attractive above the neck, but he has a very hot body as well. Did I say body? I meant penis. Vote for Bowman..."

"Hottie Thomas Bowman didn't let his blue Bay State roots get in the way of procuring a plum post in the West Wing. And while this charming Duke grad may possess one of the few non-white faces at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he wears his proud presidential loyalties on his sleeve and will challenge any Bush bashers... and win."

"Points for Thomas Bowman because he's not-so-pale."

2. David Copley. OMB Analyst.

"David Copley is HOT. Just ask the WH ladies..."

"David Copley is a good buddy of mine from College Republicans.... As of a couple weeks ago, David was in Iraq and I am pretty sure he is still there. Great guy and a stone cold pimp."

"While I don't have much to add about his 'hotness,' I can tell you a story about Dave that might get him some points. An ex-girlfriend of mine met him at a party once. She had been visibly upset over some guy having stolen her purse. Dave, being the old-fashioned gent he is, went up to her and said 'Excuse me Ma'am, is everything okay?' He then proceeded to make sure she and her friend were alright and feeling safe, and then offered to help them find either the guy and the purse or a ride home.... Dave was a great guy and would probably laugh if he knew he were on this thing!" -- Victor Bonilla ("you can use my name")

3. Josh Deckard. Assistant Press Secretary.

"Josh is soooo dreamy!"

"Josh Deckard hands down! He used to come into the restaurant I worked at during college. I had a huge crush on him! To my dismay he has a (very pretty) girlfriend and makes Santorum look liberal. Definitely did not enjoy the advances of a young gay waiter."

4. Reed Dickens. Former Assistant Press Secretary.

"reed dickens reed dickens! good lord that boy is hot, made campaign 00 and 04 extremely pleasant...."

"Reed Dickens is a yummy-looking twink."

(Several of you report that Dickens is no longer at the White House. We blame any error on this recent Time article, which reports that Reed is filling the shoes of Blake Gottesman, outgoing personal aide to the president.)

5. James C. Langdon III. Executive Assistant to the Deputy Assistant to the President and Advisor to the Chief of Staff.

"James is tall and ridiculously ridiculously good looking."

"James has, by far, the best hair in the White House... quite possibly in the entire District."

"James Langdon is really cute. Those curls are adorable!"

6. Jeb Mason. Associate Director, Office for Strategic Initiatives.

"Love Jeb Mason in his cowboy hat. He can ride me hard and put me away wet, any day of the week!"

"Jeb is known in the Administration as 'the hottie.' Not a ton of personality, but nice to look at."

"Jeb Mason is cowboy-hot...."

"I'm sure someone told you this already (and you may have already posted this on the site), but Jeb Mason (hotties guy list) dates Taylor Hughes (hotties girl list). Make them king and queen of the hotties! Do it!"

But some of you had exactly the opposite reaction to Jeb-and-Taylor dominance:

"Jeb Mason is the dude dating Taylor Hughes.... Don't let them both win and turn this into Prom, please."

If you'd like to see more of Jeb, check out the photo album of the Capital Club, of which Jeb is a member (and former officer).

7. William Rue. Deputy Associate Director of Personnel.

"Will is a young up and comer at the White House, a 'go-getter' if you will. In his spare time he likes riding all-terrain-vehicles and coon hunting."

"Will's a very good-looking guy, in that preppy way one would expect of a Bush White House staffer."

8. Paul Skoczylas. Special Assistant to the Deputy Director, Executive Office of the President ("this may be a temporary title").

"Paul's a bang up guy -- good with the ladies and not too shabby with the beard trimmer. He's smart and funny, quick with the compliments and with a corkscrew. So he likes Turkish disco music -- who cares?"

"Paul Skoczylas is a fantastic guy! He is honest and encouraging -- always willing to offer advice and help his friends. He is easy to know and a fun friend to have. And not to mention, he is super-cute!"

"From the perspective of a career internationalist, Paul Skoczylas makes even domestic policy hot!"

9. Ben Wilmoth. Office of the Chief of Staff, Josh Bolten; former White House intern (Intergovernmental Affairs).

"Ben is known for his kean sense of humor, good-natured personality, and is one of the major work horses of the West Wing. Ben is definitely deserving of White House Hottie."

"Ben Wilmoth is a very likable guy. He works hard, but also knows how to have fun in just about any setting. On his birthday, fellow staffers put a blow-up kiddie pool in his office and he almost drowned, had it not been for his buoyant personality."

"I worked with Ben Wilmoth for nine months, and he was probably the only reason I came to work everyday. Not only is he incredibly hot, but he has such a great sense of humor. He can make you laugh at even the most inappropriate times."

"You may remember Benton M. Wilmoth IV from the White House Salaries as the lowest paid WH Staffer. He's come along way since then, before making only $30K and having an anchor of a girlfriend. Well, he's up to $35K -- and he's single, ladies!"

10. Jay Zeidman. White House liaison to the Jewish community.

"22 years old, doing one of the most important outreach jobs in the

country -- 'nuff said!"

"The clear winner is Jay Zeidman. JAY ZEIDMAN! Did you SEE his fraternity's picture page?! There's a PayPal DONATE NOW button at the bottom. Seriously. He's the clear winner. Totes hot."

"He was the president of the Young Republicans club at Texas Christian University. Here are some of the TCU frat-pics links... In this photo, he's third from left, with the mostly open shirt. HAIRLESS = BEAUTIFUL!"

The same tipster also recommended this shirtless photo (Jay's in the middle), and this photo (Jay flanked by two hot women).

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