white%20house.jpgThe polls are now open in our White House Hotties contest. They will remain open until 10 a.m. Eastern time, Monday morning. Cast your vote for female hottie here, and your vote for male hottie here.

We're big believers in an informed electorate. So we've collected testimonials, as well as tidbits of gossip, about the contestants.

Testimonials for the female finalists are available after the jump (or just click here). Testimonials for the male finalists will follow later today. Vote early and often, and tell all your friends!

Here are some of the things you had to say about the women of the White House:

1. Mary Anne Calamas. Confidential Assistant to the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget. [Ed. note: Whew that's a mouthful!]

"Mary Anna Calamas, for two reasons: (1) we all know what a 'confidential assistant' really is, and (2) she's a lifelong Republican with a taste for liberal hairy Jewish boys."

"Mary Anne Calamas was a great friend to me in college -- how funny to be reading your blog and suddenly see her face appear. She's got the heart and soul that go along with the beauty. My vote's with her!"

Hmm, we wonder who this is from:

"MaryAnne is by far the hottest and most decent Republican I have ever had the privilege of dating. Politics aside, she is just about the genuinely nicest person I have ever met. She is also sweet enough to not believe that every dirty old man in the White House is drooling all over her. I wish I had a better picture of her, but this one will have to do. It is from the surprise birthday party she threw for me a couple of weeks ago in Georgetown. How cool is that?"

2. Emily House. Special Assistant to the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

"This blond bombshell from Houston is somehow able to do it all -- working as Special Assistant to OMB Deputy Director Clay Johnson while spending her free time Junior League-ing and aggressive cocktailing it at Cap Grille on weeknights and at Smith Point on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights."

"Emily is simply gorgeous. The little pic that you guys have of her fails to do her justice."

3. Taylor Hughes. Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor.

"That chick Taylor Hughes. If she doesn't qualify just give it to Barney."

"I hereby nominate/vote for Taylor Hughes as a shoo-in for White House Hottie. Indeed, based on that brilliant photo I would gladly nominate her to Executive Branch, Federal Government, or even World Civil Servant Hottie."

"Hughes previously worked in Cabinet Liaison. Sadly, the only testimony I am qualified to give is that, based on these photos, she certainly qualifies as a hottie. I am now putting my thumb and pinky in the configuation of a telephone at the side of my face and mouthing, 'Taylor, call me!'"

Sorry, guys, she's taken -- by one of the male contestants for White House Hottie:

"Jeb Mason and Taylor Hughes are a longtime item. Based on their vote tallies so far in their respective categories they're a solid bet for hottest White House couple."

Additional praise for Taylor is available here and here. Additional pics are available here (and elsewhere on the Capital Club website, which also has lots of pics of former club officer Jeb Mason).

4. Meghan O'Sullivan. Deputy National Security Adviser.

"Meghan is a very beautiful woman with striking red hair. She is tall and carries herself with much grace. She would be worthy of having a White House Hottie crown."

"Meghan, with her red hair and pale complexion, is like a beautiful porcelain doll. I would say Meghan even beats Taylor [Hughes], but that's just me."

More praise of Meghan is available here. For more pics of Meghan, click here.

5. Dina Powell. Former Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel (now at the State Department, working for Karen Hughes).

"Dina Powell is HOTT!!!"

"Dina Powell hands down is better than both [Meghan O'Sullivan and Frances Townsend]."

6. Kristen Slaughter. Former Special Assistant to the Staff Secretary.

"Kristen Slaughter is a complete rock star. Nuff said."

"Kristen can wear a formal gown like no one else I know. She always looks fantastic."

Here is an article about her dating Richard Howard, the son of Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

7. Heidi Marquez Smith. Assistant to the President for Cabinet Liaison.

"Heidi Marquez-Smith is pretty sharp!"

"Heidi is a luscious Latin beauty. Too bad she's married! (She is currently on maternity leave.)"

Here is a short bio of her (click here, scroll down).

8. Frances Fragos Townsend. Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

"Fran has a great sense of humor and in person is a very lovely lady."

"More on Fran Townsend please. She's hot. Maybe some ice dancing, maybe some sandy beach pics. That would be great. Thanks."

Okay, please allow us to step out of our shoes as "objective" pseudo-journalists, and engage in some editorial indulgence.

Regular readers of this blog know how we feel about Fran Townsend. For our testimonials to her beauty, click here, here, or here.

At the current time, Fran Townsend is trailing behind all the other female hotties. This is SO WRONG. C'mon, fellow fans of Fran, get out the vote!

We realize our gal Fran can't overtake the leaders. But can we at least get her out of last place?

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