white%20house.jpgWe're chivalrous around here, so we put the ladies first. But now it's the guys' turn. We've reviewed your nominations in our White House Hotties contest, and we offer up ten fine men for your consideration.

The male finalists, with photos, appear below. More info about the contestants, including job titles and testimonials, will follow.

If you're acquainted with any of these hunks and would like put in your two cents, please feel free to email us (subject line: White House Hotties). We may quote from your testimonial -- but we'll keep you anonymous, unless you state otherwise.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Update: We're told that Reed Dickens has left the White House. Oops! Well, just as we did former staffers Dina Powell and Kristen Slaughter, we'll leave him in the race -- we just hope he doesn't win.

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