white%20house.jpgAnd now, the moment you've all been waiting for: announcement of the winners in our White House Hotties contest. We asked for your nominations, selected some worthy contenders -- both men and women -- and threw open the polls. Thousands of votes later, you have crowned two worthy hotties.

In the women's race, in which almost 9,000 votes were tabulated, you picked Taylor Hughes as queen of the hotties. Taylor developed an early lead, which she never surrendered -- despite aggressive campaigns by her two chief rivals, Mary Anne Calamas and Emily House. Hughes may have benefited from all the exposure she received after she was photographed repeatedly by the news media, strolling alongside her unindicted boss, Karl Rove (who probably taught Taylor a thing or two about running a campaign).

The men's race was much closer than the women's. For a while, it was beginning to look like Taylor Hughes's beau, Jeb Mason, would be elected Prom King to her Queen. But in the final hours, David Copley surged past him, winning the coveted title of male White House Hottie. To those of you who question Copley's victory, consider this testimonial:

I've known Dave Copley for years, and aside from being a total gentleman to every girl I've ever seen him deal with, he is ripped and very attractive. He's a generally great guy and evidently he's also great in bed if you ask certain Pennsylvania CRs.

Now, a caveat. We don't mean to turn this contest into Bush v. Gore, with a frustratingly unresolved outcome, but we do have one open issue. In declaring Copley the winner, we're assuming that he's still a White House/OMB employee, at least as an official matter.

We hear that Copley may be in Iraq right now. If he's in Iraq as part of his White House duties, of if he's on leave from his White House job but still technically employed there, that's fine. But if not, then we may have to disqualify him -- and declare runner-up Jeb Mason to be the winner.

Update: Sorry, Jeb. Multiple sources have informed us that Copley remains on the OMB payroll and is still a White House employee. He's in Iraq as part of a voluntary detail to the State Department.

The complete contest results appear after the jump. Also, check back later today for our hotties contest postscript, in which we tie up a few loose ends and pass along some funny tidbits (like the Emily House campaign video).

For all of you campaign junkies, here are the complete results -- first the women, then the men. We will once again express our disappointment that you didn't show more love to Fran Townsend.

Update: Here's the postscript.

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