White House Offered Job To Another Democrat, Which Is Legally Murder

White House Offered Job To Another Democrat, Which Is Legally Murder
  • Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff released a shocking, violent email from White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina that nakedly, brutally mentioned three jobs potentially available if Romanoff didn't run in the primary against current Democratic Senator Michael Bennet. Why did this gangster White House Chicago thugs think it was "good" for the existing Democrat senator to avoid a primary that would make it harder to keep the seat in November? Only Satan and Reagan and all other American political leaders in history know for sure, but it appears that Romanoff -- who couldn't run again for his state House seat because of term limits -- applied for some USAID job in Mexico through a website, and then he didn't get it (?!?!), and then he was all "well I'll show that website I'll just run for my fellow Democrat Michael Bennet's seat in the Senate, nobody will notice." The Politico has called for Barack Obama's death by firing squad. [ColoradoPols.com/ABC News/Washington Post]
  • Rick Lazio, best know for being savagely beaten by Hillary Clinton for the Senate seat from New York about forty years ago, won an ugly/dumb fight for the GOP nomination for governor. At least he beat the weird Teabagger dude! [New York Times]
  • A spy/knight sent by the Queen of England somehow infiltrated the White House and was quickly given a "Gershwin Award" by Barack Obama, who was supposed to be plugging the danged hole. Why won't "Sir Paul McCartney" renounce BP? [WSJ Speakeasy]

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