Alas, the White House is starting to leak about how sick it is of Old Dumbass up there, whining about #RIGGED and doing amateur coups and threatening to punish everybody for looking for new jobs, since they're all going to be fun-employed in January and some of 'em probably don't even have trust funds from Daddy to tide them over.

NBC News's Peter Alexander reports that a senior White House official told him, "This is unsustainable" what Trump is doing, and said President-elect Joe Biden's team is not wrong to call all these bullshit lawsuits and clownass whining mere "theater." Alexander also reports that an official told him Trump will eventually concede, after the election is certified, except for how he won't actually concede and admit he is a gifuckingnormous loser who just suffered a humiliating loss. (The exact quote Alexander got was, "He'll say something like, 'We can't trust the results, but I'm not contesting them'" and did not use the words "gifuckingnormous loser" at all.)

On top of that, Michael Cohen says Trump will probably hide at Mar-a-Lago like a trembling weenus until after the inauguration, because Trump is a trembling weenus. Ryan Lizza also reports that his own White House sources say Trump will probably not be inviting Joe Biden to the White House or attending the inauguration or anything else real American presidents do.

Anyway, according to Alexander, half the White House is indeed already looking for new work, since threats of firing from Fascist Hot Johnny McEntee are kind of hollow when they're all out of work as of January 20, including Fascist Hot Johnny, who is probably qualified for little more than an "OnlyFans" account.

Which brings us to the Washington Post's reporting last night on just how UGH people in the White House are about this shit.

[E]ven some of the president's most publicly pugilistic aides, including White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and informal adviser Corey Lewandowski, have said privately that they are concerned about the lawsuits' chances for success unless more evidence surfaces, according to people familiar with their views.

Got that? Even Corey and Ronna and Corona-breath up there know it's over, because of that thing about "evidence" and how they have none.

The Post has a nice roundup of Trump lawyers getting smacked down by judges for lack of standing or evidence or facts, including the one where the lawyer, in trying to exclude 592 ballots in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, was ultimately forced by the judge to admit that actually they weren't alleging any fraud with those ballots. Any of them. A GOP elections person in Georgia told the Post, "There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud." The New York Times talked to elections people in 45 US American states and they all said nope, no fraud! In four other states, the Times was able to find reporting with quotes about "nope, no fraud!"

And in Texas, the only state the Times couldn't get a solid answer from, moron dipshit Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is offering a million dollars of his own campaign moneys to anybody who brings him evidence of voter fraud, to which hilarious badass Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman replied:

He. Is. Our. Favorite.

So again, no evidence of fraud. Unless you count whatever fuckshow Project Veritas just pooped out as evidence of "fraud," or the invisible fake poll worker Laura Ingraham brought on last night as evidence of "fraud," and you don't, because you're not an abject moron.

ANYWAY, back to the Post's reporting on how the Trump White House is just ready for the clock to strike 5 p.m. on Trump's presidency so they can go the fuck home:

One Trump adviser said most of the legal actions did not amount to much, and he expected it to be over by Saturday or Sunday "unless something really changes and we find real evidence."

Again with that whole "evidence" thing. The real world is TUFF, y'all.

The only people, according to the Post, who seem to be willing these days to blow smoke up Daddy's ass about his lost cause are crazyass Rudy Giuliani and Trump's fucked up kids.

Speaking of, hello, Ivanka:

We guess the AP is only allowed to call elections when they call them for Daddy. Go buy a shiny new shoe sweatshop, you insufferable garbage asshole. Oh wait, is your family too over-leveraged by debt to do that? Womp womp.

This post was originally about how the White House is sick and tired of Trump's shit but it ended with us telling Ivanka to go play in traffic in hell.

So that's on brand for Wonkette.

[Washington Post]

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