White House Rickrolls Twitter User For Complaining About Debt Discussion


Political "news" these days is now mostly just whatever clever/bizarre/idiot thing ends up on the Twitter after a bored Washington aide takes another dump over a computer keyboard and a few of the keys including the "enter" buttonsomehow get pressed, so let's check in to see where that's getting us as a nation: oh look, the White House is holding Twitter "office hours" to discuss the debt ceiling, which means hitting a few softballs lobbed over the plate from users asking questions of the "but didn't George W. Bush do the exact same thing in office without fuss?" variety. One brave Twitter critic pointed out this was totally boring, so the White House shot back a reply with the Internet's favorite outdated meme of death, the rickroll.

Is it funny? Is it appropriate? Should user @wiggsd be sent to Abu Ghraib for calling the White House boring? Isn't that why those other guys were being stored there? Or does Bradley Manning want some company, maybe, hmmm? Could a dead possum also do the job of running the White House Twitter feed? DISCUSS.

Oh well, still better than having your Truck Nutz taken away. [NY Daily News]


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