White House Solves U.S. Attorney Scandal

And they called it 'Saturday Night Live!' or something ... watersnakes ...  - WonketteHere's something for you libtards who call the Bush Administration a dismal, murderous failure: They've totally solved that whole fired-U.S. Attorneys mess. So Congress doesn't have to worry about it ever again, and especially doesn't need to file contempt charges against everybody in the Administration.

Why? Because contempt charges have to be pursued by U.S. Attorneys, and the White House told the Justice Department -- both part of the same non-existent yet all-powerful/invisible branch of super government -- that U.S. Attorneys aren't allowed to prosecute contempt cases when the Administration says "Sorry, executive privilege," which is what they say about everything, even if you ask for the time of day.

Reached for comment, Harry Reid called the latest Putinesque move by the White House an "an outrageous abuse of executive privilege" and threatened to have folding cots set up for photographers in Lafayette Park tonight.

Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings [Washington Post]


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