White House Tee Ball: A Wonkette Exclusive Investigation

wonkettebush.jpgIf you squint, you can see the President. He's the one in the bear suit.

A super top secret Wonkette Operative infiltrated today's White House tee-ball game, and sent back these exclusive pictures. More of them are after the jump. The op says no one won. We call bullshit.

It looks like a fun time was had by all, except the guy in the fucking bear suit in this fucking weather.

wonkettebear.jpg"Hi, I'm the new Secretary of Transportation."

wonkettebear2.jpg"So, Tatum, where can I score some blow?"

Our op reports:

No one won. It's retarded. Everyone bats. You actually CAN'T get out. One kid actually hit the ball, then picked up his own ball, threw it in the outfield and they let him run the bases. It's total socialism on the South Lawn. Each team gets to bat once and then that's the ballgame, literally.

wonkettehighfive2.jpg"Say 'good game' or you're both court-martialled."wonkettesign.jpg


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