White House Urges Congress Not to Learn From History

armenia.jpgA House resolution that would recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide as, well, a genocide is running into some problems: America's strategic interests! You see, we are best (strategic) buds with the internationally despised Turks, because they let us use an air base. And as we all know, access to air bases trumps symbolic recognition of unthinkable acts of evil every time.

Also Turkey keeps almost maybe deciding it'll help us in Iraq, though they really don't get along with the Kurds, and would probably round up and "relocate" all of them if it weren't for us.

"All eight living former secretaries of state have signed a joint letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi" warning her not to go through with this crazy bill, but Pelosi is a mere pawn of wealthy Armenian interests. Keep in mind also that those eight living former State Secretaries include Alexander Haig, James Baker, Lawrence Eagleburger, and, uh, Henry Kissinger. Some of the most peaceful, democracy-loving public servants in our nation's glorious history right there.

And hey, what's 1.5 million Armenians between (strategic) friends? It was 90 years ago! When's the last time you heard the Canannites complain about getting driven from their lands?

White House And Turkey Fight Bill On Armenia [WP]


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