Black White Nationalist Candace Owens Blames Obama For Inventing The Racism She Filed Lawsuits Over

Black White Nationalist Candace Owens Blames Obama For Inventing The Racism She Filed Lawsuits Over

Tomi Lahren's blackface performance art character, Candace Owens, appeared on "The Ingraham Angle" last night, and it was just a coupla white chicks sitting around talking about race and Pete Buttigieg. Mayor Lochinvar of the Democratic Party got in a spot of trouble the other day when he implied that Barack Obama was a big loser whose incompetence led to Donald Trump raining hell on the American people. Evan Halper at the Los Angeles Times later clarified that Buttigieg didn't actually call out the "failures of the Obama era" but instead decried the "failures of the old normal" like the dismissive "OK, Boomer!" Millennial he is. That's some pretty sloppy reporting there. But after the misquote's retraction, Buttigieg followed up with some nice words about Obama and everyone moved on.

Unfortunately, Laura Ingragam is both of evil and capable of simple inference. She thought there was “wisdom" in Buttigieg's criticism of Obama. She looked so happy when she put it together, like she was carving into a sous-vided baby cooked to perfect medium rare.

INGRAHAM: If Obama worked... if the "old way" worked... Who came before Trump?

Owens claimed she "respected" Buttigieg's comment. This is not the endorsement from a black woman that Buttigieg needs. Rachel Dolezal would have a better chance of improving his numbers among black voters. Owens hates black people so much she doesn't even have mirrors in her house. Here's what the self-loathing, white supremacist vampire had to say about the "failures of the Obama era."

OWENS: Obama did a lot to tear this country apart.

Yes, we know. The tan suit was a mistake. But surely not even Owens is dumb enough to claim that Americans were all holding hands like a Coke commercial before the black guy moved into the White House.

OWENS: I do not remember, when I was growing up, having all of these race issues, OK?

No, that's not OK. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

To be fair, I'm 45 and sometimes forget that actual functioning adults are significantly younger. Owens was born in 1989, just a few months before Do the Right Thing was released. She has no personal memory of Bernhard Goetz, Howard Beach, or Rodney King's perfectly legal ass whooping. Owens probably just considers Rudy Giuliani Trump's bumbling sitcom lawyer and not the New York City mayor who shrugged off the police's vicious sexual assault of Abner Louima and the shooting death of Amadou Diallo. She was 10 when Fight Club and American Beauty came out, so she probably grew up thinking white men were the ones society discriminated against.

Owens does deeply resent MSNBC host Al Sharpton, like all good conservatives, but honestly the only things from the 1980s that the average young person knows about are Back to the Future and the Tawanna Brawley rape allegations.

OWENS: Suddenly, toward the end of Obama, we started hearing all of this rhetoric drummed up. It became white versus black all over again. I said all over again. I shouldn't even say that because when I was alive, this was not an issue.

When Owens was alive, an 18-year-old black high school student sued the city of Stamford, Connecticut, after receiving racist phone calls from the mayor's son. The Board of Education settled the case for $37,500. Owens should remember this because that not-so-little girl was her. This was almost a year before Obama became president and created racism.

Owens went on some more with her deranged conspiracy theory about how Democrats use race to win elections and call conservatives mean names. She called police brutality a "myth" like the Loch Ness monster and her working brain stem. It was very sad.

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