White Nationalist Dude Pretty Sure Evan McMullin Is Secret Gay Homosexual Spy

GAY SPY? Maybe!

With all the news about how Vladimir Putin might have been "cultivating" Donald Trump for years and has a secret server that communicates with this one Russian bank (even though the New York Times "debunked" all that because it was butthurt about getting scooped by Slate), it's easy to forget that Utah is doing its own U.S. American election, where neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton might win, but instead this other guy, a Mormon dude named Evan McMullin who used to be an undercover CIA spy, might deprive BOTH major candidates of Utah's six electoral votes, by beating them! This will make Evan McMullin president of America because the Constitution says if you pull a fast one on Utah like that, you automatically get to be president.

The latest SurveyMonkey poll shows Trump with 33%, Hillary with 30% and McMullin with 26%, but the three candidates have been taking turns with who's technically "winning" over the past month, so this could actually happen!

Therefore, for some ultra cray-cray Trump supporters, McMullin is a threat who MUST BE VANQUISHED.

So this super rad (you bet) white nationalist guy from California named William Johnson has stepped up to help! You see, he's the head of the American Freedom Party, and he's bankrolling a robocall going out to Utah voters, letting them know what a gaywad Evan McMullin really is. It starts with pretty normal Republican talking points:

Evan Hurst

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