White Nationalists Planning Nuremberg Truck Rally Across America, Hooray!

Right Wing Extremism
Watch out! Truckers!

Canada has given us so much: Wayne Gretzky, the Kids in the Hall, Canadian bagels, the Creoles and their incomprehensible accents ...

Now our friends to the North are moving closer to blessing us with an assemblage of morons driving a convoy of trucks across America to protest the abridgement of their FREEDUMB. Also their inability to understand irony.

According to at least one reporter, plans for the modern-day March on Washington, But Stupid are moving along:

Can't decide which "Convoy" lyric to use here. Smokies thick as bugs on a bumper? Tore up all of their swindle sheets and left 'em sittin' on the scales? Whichever line it was about the 10 freeway, we forget?

What do we know about the organizers of this convoy that will be clogging toilets at every gas station and rest stop along I-10 in the month of March? Mother Jones has some info that other media might want to check out before they uncritically repeat the line wingnut media is already pushing that the truckers are just a bunch of freedom-loving patriots sick to death of COVID restrictions:

On Telegram, leaders of the California anti-vaccine group Freedom Angels Foundation are urging followers to create national and local convoys, and calling on those who can’t participate to donate supplies.

Telegram threads from Southern California planning groups obtained by Mother Jones show that these groups, like their Canadian counterparts, have attracted extremists, including prominent white nationalists.

Ah. Well then. But the human voids of Fox and other rightwing media keep telling us these are just ordinary Americans bravely opposing leftist tyranny. Is that (gasp) not true? Let's let Mother Jones read the Telegram channels where they are organizing and report back to us:

Overtly racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic comments are a constant theme. One member explained the need to donate goods in person, rather than rely on crowdfunding platforms: “We don’t want to get caught in a GoFundMe situation where a Gay Jewish Canadian man held all the funds for the entire movement on an unsecured platform and almost fucked the supply lines for the whole movement.” Elsewhere, a participant complained about pornographic spam posts on the thread, citing “interracial pornography.”

To be fair, such sentiments are not necessarily incompatible with being an ordinary American! Much like Canada, however, where 90 percent of truckers are actually vaccinated and all this disruption is being caused by a tiny percentage of Astroturfed lunatics, we're betting that the vast majority of Americans are going to find this whole thing mostly annoying and wondering why exactly anyone who leaves a truck blocking a border crossing isn't already in Gitmo. Most probably won't even hear about the convoy until they're rushing to pick up the kids at soccer practice and find three hundred semis bringing freeway traffic to a standstill.

Unless their jobs have already been disrupted in some way, like these car factories in Michigan that have had to cut shifts or close altogether because the Canadian truckers' blockades of border crossings are keeping materials from getting to them. That should do wonders for the truckers' alleged working-class support.

On the other hand, this will be the first chance for us to see dozens of Nazi flags convoying across the nation since Man in the High Castle went off the air.

[Twitter / Mother Jones]

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