White Supremacists In Stupid Outfits Descend On Portland, For Whatever Reason.

Post-Racial America
White Supremacists In Stupid Outfits Descend On Portland, For Whatever Reason.

I swear to god, I had plans to just post something innocuous and perhaps even somewhat cheery for your Saturday open thread this week -- but then about 100 Proud Boys and Praying Patriots or whatever descended upon Portland, and UGH, I guess we have to cover that. Fine!

Why are they marching in Portland? I have no idea. I guess because there are liberals in Portland, and they are mad about that? That's basically the gist of it, according to Patriot Prayer leader Joe Gibson, who is running for Senate in Washington. "I refuse to do what Portland wants me to do because what Portland wants me to do is to shut up and never show up again," he said in a video on Facebook this week. So basically he is protesting the fact that he is unpopular and no one wants to listen to him? What does he think is going to come of this? The people of Portland will realize the error of their ways and elect him Prom King? That seems unlikely!

So now they're there, in stupid outfits, carrying Confederate flag bedecked shields and definitely not being white supremacists.

Who DOESN'T love a murderous dictator? This is all very normal.

And here he is... trying to dance? I guess?

This one in the uniform of a Kekistani soldier is my favorite. Clearly

The master race, indeed.

And now I need to go take a shower, so here is your OPEN THREAD! Remember to tip us, if you can!


Robyn Pennacchia

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