Teevee's absolute worst offense against humankind "Dancing With the Stars" is now also teevee's worst offense against that other section of beings "the teabaggers,"  because one of the illiterate trolls in Andrew Breitbart's stable of typing tumors at BigHollywood.com just, uh, happened to notice some costume designer dude on the show picking up a gorilla mask once worn by ol' whatshername the grifter-quitter grandma's annoying famewhore daughter and saying, "It still smells like a Tea Party!" NOT COOL, BOLSHIE! This Breitbart slaveblogger, one "Warner Todd Huston," will THROW DOWN in the teabagger defense with an Important Discussion about socialism and body odor, after the jump!

Here is WTH's most important question for readers:

So, what are we to make of this nonsense?

Is Kressley saying that Tea Party activists smell like gorillas?

Yes, what are we to make of this nonsense? Perhaps take a lighthearted ribbing in stride? NO, WE MUST MAKE SERIOUS-MINDED SENSE OF EVERYTHING ON TEEVEE. That is the point of television, ever since it was invented by Teddy Roosevelt, one of our Founding Fathers. We learned this on teevee!

Are we supposed to be laughing at that, now?

So, what do Democrats smell like? Maybe Europeans? How about reds?

Yes, that depends, though, what, do Europeans smell like? Do, they smell bad? We, aren't really sure, we heard they smell, like gay French brie. Reds, on the other hand, smell, like Stalin's corpse, on a humid day. Which, is worse? That, is the question.

I wonder what dance partner Anna Trebunskaya, who was born in Russia, thinks about that? I wonder how ABC will take attacking so much of its audience?

Whatever Anna or ABC thinks of it the bigger questions is, what do you Tea Partiers think?

Dammit, there is so little English grammar in that last sentence that we cannot make out the entire point of his post. Which is sad, for comedy, BECAUSE WE ARE SURE THERE WAS ONE. [YouTube/ BigHollywood]


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