Each election season brings a few new nuts to the great snack bowl of America, and we can all look back and laugh/cry over such political dingbats as Katherine Harris, Mitt Romney, Shelley “Dracula Cunt” Sekula Gibbs, Sarah Palin and Alan Keyes. These people are mostly known for losing and quitting and just being insane all the time and refusing to go away, ever. But who will be the nuthatch stars of tomorrow? They are with us already, today! And you can choose the Young Shining Rising Star of American Politics right now! These people are all so crazy and desperate, they might just show up to claim their trophy ... and probably randomly attack people, with their teeth.

Can you believe the 2010 Weeping Eagles are almost here? It seems like forever since the last one, which is pretty much true as this is the first one ever. Would you like to look at a "whoopie pie" (SFW) before voting? Because these desserts will be served by Whoops! Bake Shop of DC after you enjoy the "cocktail-ized soul food" by Chef Chris of Penelope’s Catering:

Or you can just drink the cheap beer and cocktails, or do any combination of two of these things, or even all three. IT IS YOUR CHOICE, just as it is now Your Choice to choose America's newest brightest dingbat:

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