Who Is Chris Christie Yelling at Today?


Here, enjoy this video of Chris Christie screaming at a reporter from New York who has the NERVE to ask him a follow-up question about the foreclosure fund. Why is New Jersey dead-last in the nation in terms of implementing a bunch of programs to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, the reporter may have wanted to ask? Or, alternatively, he might have wanted to say something like: that $300,000,000 the feds gave you—why are you not using it to help homeowners? Except we’re not sure what the reporter was trying to ask, because Chris Christie immediately starts yelling about blue moons and New Yorkers from out of town and HOW DARE HE, given that he (the reporter, not Chris Christie, “has his facts wrong”).

Yes, we know! We too are shocked that a Republican is professing to care so much about “facts.” Anyway, this same reporter then filed a report with WABC-TV about the foreclosure crisis in New Jersey, and the fact that Christie is sitting on the funds that are supposed to be helping struggling homeowners.

"Why has it taken so long, more than a year to get the money out to families?" Hoffer asked.

"Because the courts placed a moratorium on foreclosures," Governor Christie answered.

"No the dispersing of the money. The $300 million?" Hoffer asked.

"The courts placed a moratorium on foreclosures so our policy was put on hold, waiting to see what the courts were ultimately going to do regarding foreclosure. And that's why we haven't moved any more quickly than we have already," Governor Christie answered.

"The moratorium did not stop other states from helping families already facing foreclosure." Hoffer said.

When Hoffer tried to press the Governor on this, it's clear he had no real answer.

"Governor, this is an issue facing the state, why are you blowing it off?" Hoffer asked.

"Michael, please help me ignore him, go ahead," Christie said.

While the governor refuses to answer, families face losing their homes as the denial letters keep coming.

Everyone loves a jolly fat man. Obviously, Christie 2016.



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