Who Is "F"? It Is Not Frank Jimenez, That's For Sure.

poor_frankPoor Frank Jimenez. Not only does he get stuck with a chief of staff job at the corrupt-yet-still-boring Department of Housing and Urban Development, he's also lonely (or at least single). At least he has the solace of people believing he pays for sex. We've lost count of how many amateur Woodward and Bernsteins have written in with the scoop that the "F" of Washingtonienne's diary is the luckless Jimenez, a deduction based on his position and initial. . . as well as the the touching faith that Results.gov is 100 percent accurate and up-to-date. No matter that Washingtonienne states unequivocally that F is a "[m]arried man who pays me for sex," we have a scandal to perpetuate here!

And since we're just as filthy-minded and unscrupulous as the next person -- we couldn't help but think that maybe all these "scoops" did mean something. So we put in a call:

Washingtonienne: Hi.

Wonkette: It's Ana.

Washingtonienne: Hey!

Wonkette: So. . . you know people have been saying that "F" is Frank Jimenez.

Washingtonienne: Who?

Wonkette: He's a chief of staff at HUD. . people think he's "F" -- the chief of staff guy. . .

Washingtonienne: Oh. Ha! Well, I'm not confirming or denying, but you can put down my first response, if that tells you anything.

UPDATE: We may have been too subtle. "F" is not Frank Jimenez. "F" is married. Frank is single. Also, Washingtonienne has no clue who Frank Jimenez is. . . and she, uhm, basically said it wasn't him.

UPDATE UPDATE: We've now learned that in addition to not being married and not being recognized by his supposed paramour, Jimenez isn't even a chief of staff anymore. He's with the counsel for the Navy office. (This may be some of that "real reporting" we had sworn off earlier, sorry.) You know what this means, right? It means that you can't always trust what you read on the internet. You may not even be able to trust what you're reading right now. . .

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