Who Is George Santos Today?

Last week, GOP Rep.-Elect George Santos from New York was exposed as a possible fraud of Frank Abagnale proportions.

Wednesday, Santos promised an explanation for all the weirdness surrounding his background.

He tweeted, “To the people of #NY03 I have my story to tell and it will be told next week. I want to assure everyone that I will address your questions and that I remain committed to deliver the results I campaigned on; Public safety, Inflation, Education & more. Happy Holidays to all!

We’re sure Santos has a story to tell. We’re just less certain it’s at all plausible. He’s reportedly crafted more fiction over the years than Stephen King during a long weekend: Is he actually gay, a college graduate, a successful businessman, a resident of the congressional district he seeks to represent? Who the hell knows? Maybe not even Santos himself, since he apparently needs extra time to just tell the truth for once. It’s like he requested an extension on his college essay, and usually whenever a student asks for an extension, they haven’t even started.


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GOP Rep-Elect George Santos Might've Made Up His Resume, Whole Life

Talking Points Memo dug deeper into the background of the man currently known as George Santos. Among his associates, TPM "found a businessman who claims to have the secrets to earning massive sums with a few keyboard clicks, a shady CEO who allegedly stole money to pay off seven-figure credit card bills, and the body armor wearing, QAnon slogan spouting 'Spartan warrior' who ran against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in this year’s election.”

His “family firm” that supposedly managed $80 million in assets was apparently initially based at a gynecologist’s office in a Florida office park. According to his financial disclosures, Santos earned a significant raise from the “firm,” which he used to fund his campaign and further promote the narrative that he was a successful businessman like Donald Trump. (Although, in fairness, maybe they are both equally successful.)

Santos’s “Devolder Organization LLC” was reportedly founded in May 2021, but there are aren’t any Santos family members publicly connected to the “family firm.” The Devolder Organization’s registered agent was “D&D International Investment Services Inc.,” which was incorporated in 2007 and led by DeVaughn Dames, "a self-described 'seasoned executive with two passports,' and Odette Daley, a gynecologist whose practice has earned decidedly mixed reviews.”

The pair, who are married according to multiplerecords, initially operated their company out of a residence before moving its “principal place of business” to the office park in 2010. In the park, D&D was headquartered at the same address as Daley’s gynecological practice, which has since closed.

"Mixed reviews” are rarely good for a gynecological practice.


Dames offers coaching programs in wealth creation and recently appeared in a Facebook video with the hilarious title “Buye Business with Other People Money.” This is an example of some of his stellar business advice: “You can buy businesses without money, but when you come to the table you’re going to need somebody with money,” Dames said.

Dames was also the chief financial officer at Florida-based investment firm Harbor City, where Santos was hired (apparently for real) as regional director. The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint in 2021 charging that Harbor City was operated in “a classic Ponzi scheme fashion.” Santos told the Daily Beast earlier this year that he’d left Harbor City a month before charges were filed. (Convenient timing!)

The Devolder Organization shares an address and convoluted ties with “Jayson Benoit & Associates Inc.” and “Redstone Strategies LLC.” The two firms received payments from Republican congressional campaigns, including $110,000 in a pointless attempt to unseat Ocasio-Cortez, whose district is so solidly Democratic it would arguably have been more cost-effective for Republicans to have just set that money on fire.

America First Republican Robert Cornicelli, who lost his primary race in New York, reportedly paid Redstone $1,160. During an interview Thursday, he claimed he was unaware of either Redstone or Benoit: “I don’t know these people,” he insisted.

It’s possible we might never truly know George Santos, either.

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