Who Is Messing With Texas? It's RAICES, Abortion Funds And More!

Who Is Messing With Texas? It's RAICES, Abortion Funds And More!

We are all, I am sure, feeling some kind of way today. There are many unhealthy ways to deal with that anger, and while we are not dismissing all of them (as long as you aren't driving), there are also some healthy ways to channel it. And some organizations and people are doing exactly that — along with giving us some ways to help ourselves so we don't sit around feeling despondent and helpless all day.

RAICES (The Refugee and Immigrant Center For Education and Legal Services), announced yesterday that the organization would not stop helping immigrants seeking abortions.

The ban on abortion in Texas is an abomination. We want to send a very clear message: RAICES will not obey this archaic and sexist law.

For immigrants, access to health care is already limited by financial, cultural and legal barriers like the Public Charge Rule, which allows the government to count enrollment in public benefits, like health care assistance, against a person's green card application. SB 8 will worsen immigrants' fear of seeking medical care, and makes a life-saving medical procedure illegal.

RAICES assisted and gave financial support to immigrants seeking abortion in Texas for years, and will continue to do so — no matter what.

We stand in solidarity with reproductive justice organizations on the ground in Texas and we recommit to continuing the fight to help people access safe and legal abortions.

Some laws, they tweeted, are meant to be broken.

The fact is, a lot of what organizations people are going to have to do to help Texans have abortions until this law is overturned (which it may very well never be) is going to be illegal. Or something that could incur a $10,000 fine. There's gonna be a lot of civil disobedience happening and people will have to decide for themselves how far they are willing to go.

Abortion funds and services in Texas have also been clear that they are going to continue fighting this and many have tweeted that they will be staying in business in defiance of the new law. And you can still fund them yourself (although yes, it does put you at risk of being sued by a crazy anti-choice Texan for $10,000).

AOC also set up a page through Act Blue that will split donations between eight Texas-based abortion funds, which is actually a pretty good idea in terms of making it more difficult for aspiring abortion bounty hunters to find specific people to sue for specific abortions.

Another thing that is pretty cool is that you can download a copy of Robin Marty's very awesome book The New Handbook for a Post-Roe America for free today (the tweet is from yesterday but she tweeted earlier that it's still available). I have read it, it is awesome and so is Robin.

This isn't the end. The thing we understand that the anti-choicers clearly don't is that making abortion illegal doesn't stop abortions from happening, it just makes it more likely that people will turn to less safe methods of ending a pregnancy. Even if Roe is overturned, we will survive and we will figure out other ways to ensure people still have access to abortion.

While I don't want to understate how horrible the undermining and possible overturning of Roe is going to be, there are non-coat-hanger-related ways to self-manage many abortions now, from menstrual extraction to the abortion pill, and that is something we're going to have to seriously look at, because we don't want people dying or getting hurt. We don't have the luxury of declaring anything the end of the world. In the meantime, organize, donate to organizations that help Texans and, later, those in the states that will swiftly imitate Texas. In short, keep fighting.

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