Who Is More Desperate For Edwards' Endorsement?

That would appear to be lady candidate Hillary Clinton! Her website is so in love with John Edwards, in fact, that the website might drop out and endorse Edwards. But how does Barry's web site commemorate the death of our angry-hobo-under-a-bridge? By talking about Denver, site of this year's Democratic National Convention. It looks like Hillary is mighty scared that the next-best white candidate would endorse Barry, who she and Bill had worked so tirelessly to name "the black candidate." But Edwards people, maybe just to sound special, say both campaigns are annoying the crap out of them with their telephone calls.

Barry, a former cigarette smoker, knows how to play it "cool":

But Joe Trippi, Edwards' obnoxious campaign manager who has pretty much lost everything important, tells a different, more anxious story to TPM's Greg Sargent:

"They're banging down the doors," Trippi told me.

"I don't expect him to do anything today," Trippi said. "His will be a very coveted endorsement. He's got a fairly large following in the party, both on line and off, and I can't think of anybody else who would be bigger or more coveted."

Asked if an endorsement was possible before Feb. 5, something that could have a huge impact, Trippi declined to rule out the possibility. "I'll let him speak to that himself," Trippi said.

It seems pretty obvious that Hillary's personal life and connections represent everything Edwards' campaign kept hollerin' about. But maybe (maybe!) that was an act, and he's just another southern white guy who wants to keep the Negro out of elected office.

Top Edwards Adviser Joe Trippi: Hillary And Obama Are "Banging Down The Doors" For Our Endorsement [TPM Election Central]


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