Who Is To Blame For Alan Keyes' Shocking '04 Senate Loss To Obama?

He is a master debaterCast your mind back to the days before Barack Obama was our President. Do you remember that time in 2004 when he ran for the Senate? And how his first opponent dropped out because the guy wanted to see his alien wife having sex in public? And then Alan Keyes threw his hat in the ring, giving the American public the gift of 86 days of unadulterated crazy? Good times!

It turns out that Keyes didn't lose by a landslide to the better candidate. He lost because Obama was too much of a pussy to debate him. Keyes' website gives us the full and detailed accounting of this terrible miscarriage of justice:

When Obama was facing Alan's predecessor, Jack Ryan, Obama promised Ryan six well-publicized debates, so voters could see the difference between the two candidates. When formidable orator and debater Keyes became his opponent, however, Obama reneged on his promise of six debates and reluctantly agreed to just three--all of which Alan clearly won, and none of which received wide media attention.

Additional wags of the finger go to George Soros, "the state's unusually-corrupt liberal media," and the chairwoman of the state Republican party, who called his position on homosexuality "idiotic." Thanks to reader Rob P. for bringing this very important information to our attention.

Q&A: Alan's 2004 Senate race [AlanKeyes.com]


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