Who Many People Think Is The Absolutely Worst Drummer! Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 22, 2022

Who Many People Think Is The Absolutely Worst Drummer! Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 22, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Trump's taxes, real estate developers, and the extra $80 billion for the IRS. — Kuttner at The American Prospect

Mother Jones has questions about that talented Mr. Santos. Few answers, but lots of questions!

Jason Linkins brings you The New Republic's "Nimrod of the Year" and that's a hard agree from us!

Tesla customers saying on second thought, no thank you and fuck that guy. (CNET)

Wait the FBI was paying Twitter to censor people? Oh right no, no it was not. — Techdirt

Banning some gay books from your library? Say hello to the Department of Education's little friend. — Pro Publica

QAnon's got a brand new conspiracy theory, it is some finance thing called GESARA, and it will force you to buy Iraqi Dinars! (Bellingcat)

Ten things to remember about COVID. (Also, hi, after ??? years of pandemic, Shy and I finally both have COVID.) — The Tyee

I was ready to be mad at these pastors for getting suckered into a non-insurance insurance, but then they had left their pastor job with insurance because they don't hate gay people, and then they got Obamacare, but then they stopped having Obamacare because they decided it was unaffordable, and then they did something else dumb and I got mad at them again, but then they tried to get Obamacare but got hustled by the internet, and honestly it's just not their fault, except also I'm not very sad you're paying off $500 a month on your $160,000 medical bill even if it's "an extra mortgage," and wow it will take six whole years wah, and you can get that chaplain job for the insurance instead of your "passion" of "spiritual guidance" but also yes the system is VERY BAD. ALSO also, we all do stupid things sometimes, but seriously damn, you guys, come on. (Kaiser Health News)

Ooooh "Justified" coming to Detroit! (You have to pronounce it in a stage whisper and also like a bass-voiced gunthug: "JUSTIFIED.") — New York mag



From the comments, the Lindy West post that started the whole Hate, Actually Christmas content phenom! — Jezebel

For Jesus's birthday we ponder: How that guy become white? (The Conversation)


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