Who Run The Polls? GIRLS

Elizmala Harren 2020

What up Wonkers, you drinkin' yet? WE ARE. OK not really, we have to take the dog to the vet (yes, again, because she has a hot spot she won't leave alone and we had to put the cone of shame on her and the cone itself seems to be giving her panic attacks about not being able to chew her hot spot), but we will drink after that. And we will do so knowing that there's still happy news out there! Yes, against the backdrop of President Wannabe Dictator playing with his tanks, we have poll porn to share about the Democratic primary, and it is that slowly but surely, the women are taking charge. Two of them to be specific, pictured above.

First of all, there's the Quinnipiac poll you might have heard about the past day or two. We knew Kamala Harris got a YOOGE bump out of the first Democratic primary debate, but she appears to be bumpin' along even more than we knew, because here is what it showed:

That is right, the spread between Harris and Biden in that poll is only TWO POINTS, and Warren is just behind in third place. Considering that the margin of error in that particular poll (full results here) is about five points, what we are seeing is a race that is no longer a frontunner and a second-placer, followed by a bunch of other people, but rather what might end up being a BARN BURNER. Or maybe Kamala Harris will just keep sailing -- there's another debate at the end of the month -- and we'll officially be talking about a new frontrunner before long.


Maybe Elizabeth Warren is going to come right along with her, because she has also gotten quite the bump from last week's debates, where she and Harris were pretty clearly judged as the winners.

A Focus for Rural America poll of Iowa just released shows that Warren is actually right on top, but it's a much tighter spread than what Quinnipac shows up there. In that one, Warren's at 20; Harris is at 18; Biden is hanging on at 17 (that's right he's in THIRD PLACE); and Bernie Sanders picks up fourth again with 12 percent, which is about what he's pulling nationwide in the Quinnipiac poll. In the Iowa poll, as Politico notes, Biden has dropped 20 points since last September, which was a long fuckin' time ago.

For the record, a different post-debate poll of Iowa, from USA Today/Suffolk, showed Biden hanging on to a lead with 24 percent, but Kamala Harris zooming up into second place with 16 percent. Which poll is right? Fuck if we know.

Anyway, we will write 12,000 poll porn pieces between now and whenever the nomination fight is sewn up, but this just goes to show that literally nobody knows where this thing is going to go next. But for now, it looks like voters are getting to know these two women, and they like what they see, and that is a Good Thing.

Happy holiday weekend, see ya wouldn't wanna be ya OPEN THREAD GOODBYE.

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