Who Wanna Watch MSNBC's Hallie Jackson Dick-Punch Hogan Gidley?

Hey was there a debate last night? We didn't hear.

Anyway, y'all love it when women kick Trumpers in the nuts and make them eat it, especially when it's woman reporters on the fake news, so since it is Friday — maybe the next-to-last Friday before our long national nightmare begins to end! — here is a post about MSNBC's Hallie Jackson dickpunching Trumper Hogan Gidley.

Y'all remember Hogan Gidley, right? He is the White House spokes-nerd whose name can't possibly be real, and moreover nothing else about him can possibly be real. ALLEGEDLY, he is a different person from "Judd Deere," the gay one. ALLEGEDLY.

Point is, Gidley went on the TV to talk to MSNBC's Hallie Jackson on Thursday, and immediately he started blabbing his dumb lying face off about mail-in voter fraud. But wait! How could he possibly do that after FBI Director Chris Wray and Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe called a SUPER EXTRA IMPORTANT press conference, in part to explicitly say that rumors on the internets you hear about rampant mail-in voter fraud are hell-lies from Iran, which is spreading them by hitting "record" on videos of Donald Trump talking about rampant mail-in voter fraud?

How could he possibly do that? Because he is paid for lying.

Watch Hallie Jackson dickpunch Hogan Gidley:

Jackson asks Gidley if Trump is going to STFU about voter fraud now that Wray and Ratcliffe called BS. Gidley responded by whining about TV reports in "local markets" about voters "finding ballots in trash cans." He says "you CAN'T deny" that!

Approximate transcript, except for how the Hallie Jackson parts are verbatim and the Hogan Gidley parts are jokes about his balls:

JACKSON: There is no widespread evidence of voter fraud, Hogan, you know that. I don't want to have to rehash this conversation, I'm asking if the president is going to back off those claims. If you can't answer that, that's fine, we can move on, but just answer the question.


JACKSON: OK, well we're going to move on [...] My other question is this. Does the president have confidence in Director Wray?


JACKSON: Hogan! The FBI director himself, specifically, within the last 12 hours said, on national television, across every network, that there is no widespread evidence of voter fraud. Somebody who's part of the Trump administration's own intelligence expert field, HOGAN. That's not coming from me, that's coming from Wray. Does the president have confidence in his FBI director? Yes or no?

JACKSON: That's not what I asked.


And then she kicked him off her TV show, because fuck off, she's busy.

Well done, Hallie Jackson, you are Wonkette's Most Valuable Hogan Gidley Ass-Kicker Of The Week!

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