Who Will Be Obama's New Radical Cleric On the Supreme Court

Who Will Be Obama's New Radical Cleric On the Supreme Court

It's time for Washington's favorite game: Trying to guess who the president will appoint to the Supreme Court. Why is this so much "fun" for these people? It fills air time, and takes up conversational space, and in general gives a brief sense of novelty or urgency to the crushing pointless grind of existence, and plus nobody talking about this hasany knowledge of the actual situation and no influence in the choice. So, that said, let's throw out some names!

  • Diane Wood: She's a lady! Obama apparently likes them, who knows why. Plus, it drives old white wingnut men batshit when a goddamned woman gets a man's job.
  • Elena Kagan: Another one with the lady parts. See above.
  • Merrick Garland: Looks like a white dude to us, but maybe he's Transgender or something. "Black Irish," maybe?
  • Bill Clinton: Just an awesome idea, so much Fuck You. Source: Wonkette commenter Lazy Media.
  • Tucker Carlson: Hey, he wears a bowtie! And he's admitted to homosexual encounters, so that's liberal! Source: Another Wonkette comment!
  • Lil' Wayne: He's got a dumb blog, which is usually enough to give a wingnut some prominent public position, right?
  • _________
  • _________
  • _________

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