yellowribbons.JPGCheck out those gorgeous ladies in the photo. Know who they are? They're the personification of the "Support our Troops" ribbon, the Yellow Ribbons! According to their website, this volunteer hottie troupe was founded in June 2007. Their goal "is to help maintain high levels of morale in our troops, from providing them with audio visual equipment to visiting those in recovery at Walter Reed." Meh. But they also throw themed parties, like Saturday's "Wear Your Boots, Support Our Troops" hoedown, right here in our Washingtons! Despite the serious underpinnings of this fundraiser, Ribbon Krista "Freedom" Johnson (for serious) sent out a promotional e-mail suggesting the party will just be a bunch of drunk bitches running around.


Sorry if you all already got this email but i'm missing oh so many addresses on my gmail account.

We all support the troops, so now it's time to not just say it but do it!

Please Come to "Wear your boots,Support the Troops." Come for the live band or just come for the Rosa Mexicana Margarita machines! Regardless, it's going to be the party to jump start the FALL Party Season.

Purchase tickets at www.theyellowribbons.org.

Your support is greatly appreciated! WE only have 100 tickets left so purchase them before they sell out!!!!!!!!!!! Please wear western wear inspired outfits! Blame it all on your roots and show up in boots! Please feel free to forward this to anyone!

Krista "Freedom" Johnson

Fuck, I'll drink a margarita for the troops.

Wear Your Boots, Support The Troops! [Yellow Ribbons]


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