Whoops, 2012 GOP Convention Logo Is Pretty Mosquey

The 2012 Republican National Convention is going to be held in Tampa Bay! That must be the first nominating convention to ever be held underwater. Will Trig be attacked by sharks? Probably. But more importantly, the logo of the host committee for the eventfeatures a minaret, the Muslin version of a Twin Tower. Minarets are part of Tampa's architecture, you see, because the Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a notable part of the skyline, was built in the "Moorish Revival" style. In other words, the Muslins have built a GIANT MOSQUE to ruin our most patriotic of events, the Republican convention. Save us, Newt!

But shouldn't Republicans be more concerned with this giant red communist palm tree? Cubans live in Florida and are America's Good Mexicans, because they escaped to capitalism. Has Fidel Castro forced his people to engineer a giant robot palm tree to destroy the leadership of our once and future majority party?

The Muslins have built this mosque just to distract us from their secret terrorist coalition with Cuba. It's amazing they have any time to worship, because they are constantly doing terrorism. [TPM]


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