Who's Begging To Get On His Knees For Donald Trump Now? GOP Debate Liveblog

Step right up

Me-owwwwww hiss scratch, so many fight words coming at Donald Trump now! Even though he has been the frontrunner of the GOP race since he decided to stick his delicate tiny-penis fingers into it, Republicans are not the sharpest stars in the sky, so it's taken them a while to catch on.

But now they have, sort of! And what with Trump accruing a big fat collection of delegates, and the Not Trumps fighting amongst themselves about which one of them should drop out (it is all of you, dummies), things are getting all het up! Why, even Mitt Romney is injecting himself into this cat fight, trying to be the voice of reason against Trump. To which Trump responded today that in 2012, when he backed Mitt Romney -- and we quote verbatim here, for you, not even snarking:

He was begging for my endorsement. I could have said, "Mitt, drop to your knees." He would've dropped to his knees.

Mitt Romney would have sucked on Donald Trump's penis, is what Donald Trump is saying about Mitt Romney. In case you needed that spelled out for you. And Mitt's not even a candidate in this race!

Gosh, this is fun. And now it is Republican debate night again, on the Fox "News" channel, and we wonder whose pretty little mouth Trump wants to fuck tonight on live TV! Is it John Kasich? Or Marco Rubio? Or Ted Cruz? Ted Cruz likes to start his morning on his knees. Or is it ALL OF THEM KATIE? Let's watch and find out, together.


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