Who's Colluding Whom???

Devin Nunes, who spent the last month howling about DEMOCRAT COLLUSION with the whistleblower, was actually colluding with Rudy Giuliani's indicted Ukraine fixer Lev Parnas. The Daily Beast reports that Parnas arranged travel for Nunes and three of his staffers to Europe between November and December 3, 2018, racking up $63,000 in travel expenses on the House Intelligence Committee credit card before he had to hand it over to Adam Schiff in January. So weird that he failed to mention his own connection to the Ukrainium One scandal, huh?

That train is never late!

Parnas, who came to the US from Ukraine as a small child and maintains ties there, spent this past summer as Rudy's sherpa in his quest to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in that country. Parnas also worked as "the best-paid interpreter in the world" for indicted Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash. But in 2018, he was but a wee scam artist (allegedly), trying to break into Republican political circles using foreign cash as bait. How he got hooked up with Congressman Cowpat, to the extent that he was arranging meetings and calls in Europe, is not clear. Also unclear is what countries Nunes visited at a cost of $16,000 per day for him and three aides. But it's a safe bet Parnas wasn't sending Nunes et al. on a field trip to examine German wind farms.

Nunes took along his trusted staffers Scott Glabe, George Pappas, and Derek Harvey, none of whom is a cow because this was a work trip, DAMMIT! (Although a heifer in the cargo hold might account for the astronomical transportation costs.) Harvey has been involved in Nunes's cowpies for a long time now. After getting booted from a brief stint on the National Security Council for trying to get then-National Security Advisor HR McMaster to fire a list of Obama holdovers he'd helpfully drafted, Harvey returned to Nunes's herd at the House Intelligence Committee, where he's accused of waging a campaign to leak the name of the suspected whistleblower. He also left his fingerprints all over the Michael Flynn prosecution, improperly contacting Flynn's lawyers to suggest that they ask for Peter Strzok transcripts and promising to have Nunes mention it on Fox that evening.

Just, you know, while we're discussing who's colluding with whom and who's leaking here.

Was this another fact-finding mission to try to prove Christopher Steele colluded with Ukrainians? Was it about Joe Biden? Did it have something to do with whatever drug deal Parnas and Fruman were cooking up to muscle in on the Ukrainian natural gas market? Was it about a very pretty cow in a field in Belarus?

(And while we're asking questions, what is Parnas's lawyer doing with all these leaks to the media laying out all the receipts his client can provide on Giuliani, Trump, Nunes, and God only knows which other Republican politicians? Is this an attempt to curry favor from a possible Democratic Attorney General in 2021? Is this a threat to take out the GOP if the DOJ doesn't go easy on him? It's WEIRD.)

No doubt Mr. Nunes will soon issue a full explanation of his dealings with Mr. Parnas and how he and three aides managed to spend $4,000 PER DAY EACH gallivanting around Europe meeting up with Mr. Parnas's pals. Although Nunes refused to comment when reached by the Daily Beast.


Update: Oh, yes, and this is your OPEN THREAD!


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