Who's That Girl-In-Pink?

Today's Note makes it sound like a certain Clinton stalker at last night's "Democrats United" dinner failed to hit her mark:

The Note must give a particular shout out to the lovely couple whom we'll identify as Intensely-Gum-Chewing-Guy and the Girl-In-Pink. We really were pulling for you to get that picture. And for the longest time, we thought you might. And we were rooting for you, honestly, up until the point of hearing Girl-In-Pink get introduced by Intensely-Gum-Chewing-Guy to someone else and ask that person, "So, what is a New Democrat anyway?"

But, clearly, she succeeded:


Also, we hear that she's written Mark Halperin to tell him she was "being sarcastic" when she asked about New Democrats. (We use that line about things we say drunk, too!) Who is the Girl-In-Pink? None other than mildly controversial sex columnist (junior division) Julia Baugher, formerly of the Georgetown Hoya. I'm sure she and Bill had plenty to talk about. We were sort of on the fence about naming her, but we think she's of the "any publicity is good publicity" school. And we graduated from there, too.

After the jump: Pix she scored with Kerry and Hillary (Please note the New York senator's frozen, even mildly terrified expression).

Sexpert photos [SexontheHilltop.com]

I Wanna Do What Ain't Ever Been Done [ABCNews.com]




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