Who’s The Biggest Damn Liar You Ever Met? Elise Stefanik, That’s Who!

GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik has a talent for lying that borders on genius. The third-ranking House Republican slithered onto Mark Levin’s show Sunday to blast the House January 6 Select Committee as a partisan "witch hunt” because there are no "Republican-appointed" members. This lie is carefully worded, much like the demonic contract she signed in exchange for power. There are Republicans on the committee but they aren’t active members of Kevin McCarthy’s GOP sedition caucus.

Republican committee member Adam Kinzinger called out Stefanik, suggesting she was “infected with ‘Deranged by Trump’ syndrome,” which resulted in a convenient amnesia. She’d obviously forgotten that wheeler dealer McCarthy pulled all five GOP members because Nancy Pelosi vetoed the two worst ones. He sucks at both math and politics.

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But this was just Stefanik’s opening act lie. Her headliner came later when she previewed a GOP House majority's inevitable vendetta investigation into President Joe Biden’s family. She claimed without regard for facts or human decency that the “Biden crime family” is profiting off Papa Joe’s elected position. Why, this is unprecedented behavior!

LIAR: You have the entire Biden family profiting personally off Joe Biden’s position when he was a sitting vice president. That is unacceptable in America and imagine if the Republicans ever did that? Democrats would be investigating every aspect of that, and yet in this case, they look the other way on all these shameful, shameless, and illegal controversies from Hunter Biden.

Video below. Don’t watch on an empty stomach.

But Hunter Biden’s laptop stuffed with Hillary Clinton’s emails! Stefanik’s soul crawled up Trump’s fetid ass and died, so she has no qualms pretending the Trump family hasn’t committed every sleazy act she’s accused the Biden family of committing but for real.

Trump set up his useless daughter Ivanka and her Dresden doll husband Jared Kushner with cushy, high-access jobs as his “advisers,” from which they profited greatly. They made hundreds of millions of dollars while Trump was in office. Republicans whined that people might’ve paid more for Hunter Biden’s painting than it was worth because his father was president, but Trump White House staffer Kellyanne Conway openly violated the Hatch Act while plugging Ivanka’s crappy merchandise. Ivanka herself repeatedly violated the Hatch Act when she shilled for her father’s re-election campaign from her official government account.

Trump’s four adult children enjoyed taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection for six months after he’d finally left office after failing to overthrow the government.


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Donald Trump Jr. Now Proud Best-Selling* Author Of Bulk-Purchased Garbage Book

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Maybe people might’ve hated themselves enough to buy Donald Trump Jr.’s book even if he wasn’t the president’s son. However, the Republican National Committee nonetheless bought copies in bulk as “gifts” to donors who contributed at least $50. We wonder if there was a sudden increase in donations at exactly $49.99.

The House January 6 Select Committee also revealed that Kimberly Guilfoyle received $60,000 for her two minute speech introducing Donald Trump Jr., whom she voluntarily dates, at the Stop the Steal rally. The grift and the theft never actually stops with this family.

Look, we understand the game that Stefanik’s playing. She spreads lies that fuel the rightwing grievance engine. Republicans want to believe Trump was an honest broker and Biden’s the real senile Slim Shady. This false reality is easily debunked with the most minimal effort, but Stefanik embraces the twisted ethos that “the broad mass of a nation … will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one."

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