Who's To Blame For Godly Justin Harris Dumping His 'Demonic' Kids? People Like You

Everybody is being pretty mean to Justin Harris, the Arkansas state representative who just wanted to help some children have a good home and family, and show them some love and tenderness and stability before he decided that since even an exorcism couldn't make them behave, they were way too much trouble, and so he "rehomed" them with a man who rapes children. They are saying really, REALLY mean things. They are saying things like "put him in jail" and "put him in jail forever" and "what a bad father" and "he should really resign" and also things that would get them banned from the comments section several times over for "violent ideation," so we will pretend they did not say them.

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But Justin Harris still has many friends and defenders, including the Arkansas Secretary of State, who has taken to MyFacePlace to call people -- polite people, even! not even Wonkers! -- who disparage Justin Harris's parenting "hypocritically self-righteous." Why, not just self-righteous, but hypocritically so!

As usual in the saga of Justin Harris, we shall be pointing you to the work of the goodly folk at the Arkansas Times -- or, in the Secretary of State's words, a "vile socialist anti-Christian propaganda blog." (Nope, not Wonkette.)

In this case, we will be stealing only an image or two, and invite you to head over there to read the rest of the FaceGrace squabbling for yourself.

So which people, according to Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin, are BAD people, while the guy who dumped his adopted daughters (after "trying" to save them, through reported exorcisms and also locking them in their rooms with only a video camera for a pal) is GOOD? Basically, all the people who fund PBS. You know: "people like you."

Here, let's blockquote that for you:

"Unless you have adopted a child and experienced what adoptive parents go through, I think there is very little you have a right to say. This judgement against the Harris' [sic] is the most hypocritically self-righteous bull I have ever heard," he responded.

"People like you are what makes people refuse to risk fostering or adopting. I believe it is people like you who are the problem. Not people who try and fail like the Harris' [sic]."

Now, a few things about this: The Harrises most likely did not spend a lot of their "money" opening the home to the girls they adopted and whom they then GAVE AWAY LIKE SHELTER ANIMALS. When you adopt little girls, the state gives you money! (The Harrises claim to have passed forward all the adoption-support stipend to the families they "rehomed" the girls with -- remember, after they were "rehomed" them to the man who raped one, the girls were "rehomed" to a third family, with whom they are reportedly doing well today. But the Harrises have yet to actually show the canceled checks.) That is, they probably did not spend a lot of their "money" unless they went with really high-end camera equipment for the purpose of surveilling their six-year-old daughter in her cell-like, toyless room.

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Second, we invite Arkansas's Secretary of State, Mark Martin, to spend some quality time reading Reuters's horrific expose into "rehoming." There, he will learn about all the good Christian people, like the Harrises, who found themselves unable to cope with behavioral issues from their adopted children. So they gave them away to people they'd never met, but who turned out to be criminals. They handed their children over to these people, as one does when one has the best interests of parentless children at heart, in parking lots. Secretary Martin will learn from this series that the good Christians who did this seemed to have a common complaint: they did not think it fair that if they tried to give the children back to the system, they would be on the hook for the cost of raising them through the age of 18, since they were legally their children and all. So, to the criminals it was! Harris, on the other hand, did not give his daughters to a stranger, but to a friend. Who then raped one. When she was six.

With all the deference due to Mark Martin, which is none, we would have to go with "yes, the Harrises are the problem here." But really, can we judge?

Third, me! Meee! Pick meeeeeeee! I have adopted and/or fostered a child! Judge away, me!

Now, my son did not have behavioral issues, at least until he turned 16 and started fucking his girlfriend, and thus became A Man and didn't have to listen no more and honestly turned into a real dumb dick. But he was fearsomely neglected for his first 18 months, so there were sequellae from that! It was sort of hard sometimes! But I did not give him away even though I was a single mom instead of an anti-government state representative, and did not even have $900 thousand per year in socialism from the state to run my Christian preschool with state socialism funds! From the state!

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In fact, the really rich part is my son, who is 20 now, no longer thinks I am his mom (and this makes me cry sometimes, and be sad), even though I never even locked him in his room with just video surveillance or did an exorcism to cast Lucifer from his little body or gave him away to anyone, rapist or not! Instead, like, I coached his T-ball team! (Poorly!) And did his homework with him! And took him to galleries and restaurants and city council meetings and peace rallies and St. Martin and Maine and Mt. Rushmore! (And oh, the sulk you should have seen on that teenager's face, as he sunned himself on that Caribbean beach!)

It is the mark of a good man to stand by a friend in extremis. It is the mark of a repugnant, devious asshole to blame others for that friend's indefensible actions. Mark Martin, perhaps I cannot judge you, as I have never had a friend abandon his children to a rapist and then blame anyone he could find, most especially the children themselves.

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LOLOL JK JK. Mark Martin, go fuck yourself, and then rot in hell.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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