What does she support, besides free love and doobies?This Nancy Pelosi character is a real piece of work. The Speaker of the House keeps offering opinions on what to do about the Democratic nomination for president, and every time it's some version of "Oh well, things will work themselves out P.S. VOTE FOR OBAMA. OR CLINTON, IF YOU WANT." First she says she doesn't think Democratic superdelegates will go against the popular vote at the convention -- meaning that Pelosi is just another Obama freak riding the Hope Express all the way to President McCain's inauguration day. But then today on Good Morning America she says pretty much the opposite thing!

Now she says that superdelegates "have the right to vote their conscience," meaning Democratic superdelegates can go against the popular vote if they want to. In other words, she is totally gay for Hillary Clinton. Right?

Except not, because later on in the interview she says the mean letter from Hillary supporters telling her to quit having opinions on superdelegates "wasn't important to me."

What a tease. Next thing you know she'll be saying things like "the sky is blue" or "Greetings, America, I address you from a room containing several objects, including a floor underneath and a ceiling above!" She's just that controversial.

Pelosi says Democratic race should go on [AP]


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