Why 2020 Is An Old Acquaintance You’ll Want To Forget. Tabs, Tues., Dec. 29, 2020

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While Republicans debates whether the prisons and workhouses are sufficient for the poor, Ireland considers raising the minimum wage in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Wall Street Journal)

Country music stars wonder when they can tour safely again. (Dumber ones just got angry that people celebrated Joe Biden’s presidential win.) (Washington Post)

The COVID-19 vaccinations have begun at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington, where this all started. (Seattle Times)

Oregon State Police make an arrest related to last week’s anti-shutdown demonstration at the Capitol that turned violent. (OPB)

Andrew Yang is really making a go of this New York mayor thing. (New York Times)

Gentrification forces out longtime Black residents of Glencoe, Illinois. An area church leads a difficult conversation. (NPR)

Yes, there’s a double-standard in the coverage of the Nashville suicide bomber. Welcome to America.

Georgia Senator David Perdue spent his Christmas Day begging Donald Trump to sign the stimulus bill. He even called Ivanka. You’d almost feel sorry for him if he wasn’t a Republican. (Bloomberg)

New York wellness “personality” Hilario Baldwin fessed up Sunday that she is not half Spanish, that she was not born in Spain and that her given name is Hillary. She’s been accused of misrepresenting the extent of her Spanish heritage (and not knowing what a cucumber is). (LA Times)

This might interest Senora Baldwin: Spain’s battle over the legacy of Julio Álvarez. (The Nation)

A woman in New York accused a 14-year-old Black kid of stealing her iPhone, even going so far as to tackle him and search his pockets. She’d actually left the phone behind in an Ubar. (The Daily Beast)

Assholes vandalized a bust of Breonna Taylor in Oakland, California. (CNN)

Touching story of people not being jerks in 2020. Thanks, guys. (AP)

DC Films plans to deliver every flavor of Batman to the screen in the coming years. (IndieWire)

I extend my wishes to you all for a healthy and happy 2021 where you’re able to leave the house every once in a while. See you in 2021. I shall ring in the New Year with my annual marathon of "Twilight Zone" episodes.

“They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find, and it’s themselves.”

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