Something happened on the Senate floor today:

Weird. Tim Scott and Mike Rounds and James Lankford said congratulations and Lindsey Graham gave her a fist bump?

But why?

Did something happen in Kamala Harris's life recently? Something good?

Maybe she finished a jigsaw puzzle.

Maybe she was the next contestant on "The Price Is Right." And she won!

Maybe she went on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and only used the phone-a-friend to tell her friend that she was a millionaire now.

Maybe she made the basketball team!

Maybe she won the gold medal in figure skating at the Winter Olympics!

Maybe she just graduated from law school! Again!

Maybe she grew a PRIZED PEPPER.

Maybe she finally started that new business venture she never seemed to have time for before.

Maybe she got married. Again.

Maybe she and Doug married a whole new third person!


Maybe she had a new baby.

Maybe she IS a new baby!

Maybe she retired, oh no, Kamala Harris, don't gooooooo!

Maybe she completed a CONQUEST. A sexxxy one!

Maybe she was elected vice president, of her neighborhood association!

It must be for SOME reason.

Oh well, we guess it will just have to be a riddle wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside an enigma.

Here is a video of GOP senators congratulating Kamala Harris, because [unknown].


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