Why Are These Dastardly Spaniards Turning These Poor Penguins Gay?


Madrid, Spain, is the location for all those disgusting Pedro Almodovar movies about nuns and transvestites and nun-transvestites, and pregnant nuns caring for junkie transvestites. So it it any wonder that in Godless Madrid, zookeepers areturning poor penguins gay? They are even endangering unborn penguins by letting them be hatched and adopted by homosexual* birds!

A zoo in Madrid, Spain, recently gave a "gay" penguin couple an egg to watch over after the pair built nests together in hopes of finding a egg, ABC News reported.

For six years zookeepers at Faunia Park have been unable to separate Inca and Rayas. This year they decided to make the penguins parents and give the couple an egg to take care of.

"We wanted them to have something to stay together for - so we got an egg," zookeeper Yolanda Martin told the British newspaper the Telegraph. "Otherwise they might have become depressed."

[*]The article notes that the birds aren’t "actually gay" but "more like best friends, living cooperatively because they’re" in the same habitat.

Why couldn't they be like the zookeepers in Toronto who separated their gay penguins, for Her Majesty and Jesus?

In November of last year zookeepers from a Canadian zoo separated a male couple and placed them with female penguins in hopes that they would breed.

Buddy and Pedro of the Toronto Zoo protected each others turf, slept together and made mating calls to one another. The zoo’s officials say that the African penguins were starting a courtship and began mating behavior that would normally be seen between male and female penguins.

"It’s a complicated issue, but they seem to be in a loving relationship of some sort,’’ the chair of the Toronto Zoo board, Joe Torzsok, told the Toronto Star.

Well good thing the Toronto Zoo has put the kibosh on this so-called "loving relationship," and put the gay penguins in ex-gay totally straight marriages instead. Ask Arianna Huffington, or that nice lady what is married to Ted Haggard, or any other Republican wife in the past 15 years! It always works out in the end.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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